Murals are made by considering the following options: - Elements directly set on the wall changing colors and textures or creating suggestive patterns - Elements set on wood panels with similar or different wall colors. - It is possible to produce individual tiles with a relief to obtain a beautiful sculptural effect



Most patterns are suggested after studying all possible varations for the specific site. Depending on the selected site and its style, each commission is considered to define shapes and colors. Customers can choose between different elements already manufactured or request a specific design after exchanging ideas, drafts and drawings with proposals.



Time for execution will vary for each work depending on the kind of elements and mural size. Most techniques are vary and each artwork requires a special attention to become unique. Minimum time for production is  around 1 months.




The installation takes around 2-3 days depending on mural size. This is an important aspect to consider because, it may be necessary to clean the wall before the installation. The setup of elements on panels is made at the laboratory. Once finished, some spare pices for eventualities.