Irene born in ceramics country, Caltagirone, in Eastern Sicily.
She was in contact with ceramic's objects from when she was a girl. She had it also in her blood: her paternal uncle Dino Caruso was a celebrated ceramic master, author of many sculptures and panels, whose work renovated Sicilian ceramics in the 20th century.

She went to Tuscany to study Industrial Design, with an orientation to Interior Decoration, at the University of Florence. She graduated cum laude with a thesis on the Calatine ceramics typical of her birthplace. For her thesis work she developed several prototypes (in a modern, alternative key) based on the long tradition of ceramics in Caltagirone.

After leaving college, she made some experiences in traditional ceramic workshops in her native town, and she has attended courses at the Francisco Alcántara Art School and the Moncloa Ceramics School, both in Madrid where she presently lives. Her interest in design and decoration led her to a pursue a specialized study of the use of various glazes on diverse types of terracotta for the production of objects and panels for interior decoration.
Recently, she has begun to expand her artwork to other materials, particularly using waste recycled wood and paying more attention to the potential of geometry.